Margaret Ritchie MP on Health Minister’s instruction to halt and review the proposed closures of Statutory Residential Care Homes.

“This reprieve for Slieve Roe residential home in Kilkeel is very welcome after the long fought campaign. I am pleased the Minister has now done the right thing and placed a halt on any closure process for this residential home serving the people of Kilkeel and the Mournes. The recent recommendation by the Southern Trust a few weeks ago to reopen Slieve Roe admissions to permanent residents to meet the local need is copper fastened by this decision by Minister Hamilton to halt and review the overall closure process.


We must continue to look to the future and build upon the excellent service at Slieve Roe for the elderly population of Kilkeel and the Mourne area. I will be continuing to pursue the Minister to ensure that services at Slieve Roe are protected and developed, and that the elderly population in this rural area and their families  have access to services at a local point of delivery.