Margaret Ritchie MP supports Carbon Monoxide Awareness Competition

Margaret Ritchie MP supports Carbon Monoxide Awareness Competition



SDLP MP Margaret Ritchie has called on primary schools to ensure more knowledge and awareness among pupils to the dangers of Carbon Monoxide

(CO) and other issues from using fuel that burns, and has encouraged young people to participate in the Carbon Monoxide Awareness Competition.


Speaking after the launch of the CO-Gas Safety Schools Awareness Competition, South Down SDLP MP Margaret Ritchie urged primary schools to help raise awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning through encouraging their pupils to participate in the scheme. Margaret Ritchie said;



“Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a serious issue that has often not had enough attention drawn to it. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that is very difficult to detect, and many people are unaware of how to properly guard against it. This makes educating our young children, who will soon live in their own homes with fuel burning systems, a major priority for teachers, parents and the Government.



The competition being organized by CO-Gas Safety is an important event that all schools should be encouraged to participate in. It will serve as a way to educate young children on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide and burning fuels, and will also offer schools and pupils a opportunity to win prizes which can be used to further improve education and learning on this issue.


The range of posters, videos, poems and other forms of media will be exciting for pupils and an important measure to educate our young children. I have written to all primary schools in South Down with my support for this competition and to encourage them to offer children who may participate in the scheme.”